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Men Facial set

Men Facial set

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Men Facial Care Rehydrating and Gently Exfoliating Set that Helps Smooth and Refine SKin
Gamme contains:
1Beard & Mustache Styling Balm 2 fl oz
1Beard and Mustache Oil 1.7fl
1Shaving Cream (Men's Scent) 4fl oz
1AHA Aftershave Splash 4 fl oz
1 Beard and Mustache comb 3.94"

1.Beard Comb Natural Sandalwood Wooden Mustaches Combs Dual Action Teeth Beard Comb with 1Pieces Pocket Faux Leather Case for Beards Mustaches (Yellow)

2.AHA Aftershave Splash
A rehydrating and gently exfoliating aftershave that helps smooth and refine skin. Protect and renew skin post-shave with this soothing and toning aftershave boosted by gently-exfoliating AHAs to help restore skin after shaving or waxing.
Product Highlights:
A reformulation of our classic aftershave to include Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) that help to smooth and refine
Organic Lavender Distillate helps calm unhappy skin
Tone and nourish with Organic Whie Willow Bark Extract
A range of antioxidants helps skin look young and fresh, including Organic Bilberry, Sugar Cane, Orange, and Cranberry extracts
Great for any skin in need of soothing love, including after shaving, waxing, or for an anytime splash

3.Beard and Mustache Oil.
Soften and smooth beards and mustaches with this rich and silky oil that moisturizes skin, too. Formulated especially for coarse facial hair, this oil softens and smooths hair, leaving it feeling silky while the skin below gets an extra dose of hydration. This oil uses our "Men's Scent" with a woodsy, citrus profile.
Product Highlights:
Softens hair with premium Organic Moringa Oil and Marula Oil
Hemp Seed Oil soothes both hair and the skin beneath, helping prevent unhappy areas that are often neglected
Castor Oil helps with styling beards and mustaches, taming hairs and encouraging them to stay in place
A clever combination of Frankincense, Ginger, and Coriander Essential Oils offer a masculine and alluring scent

4.Beard & Mustache Styling Balm
Style facial hairs with just enough hold to tame and shape, along with an elegant, masculine scent. Your grooming routine is complete with this premium balm that adds a medium hold while nourishing hairs and providing a woodsy, masculine scent. 
Product Highlights:
Organic Olive Oil keeps hairs soft and nourished, looking healthy and touchable
Candelilla Wax, Mango Butter, and Kokum Butter give a soft-to-the-touch hold that can tame a beard or shape a handlebar mustache
Cranberry Seed and Raspberry Seed Oils calm and soothe hairs and skin underneath, conditioning as they go
Can be used to style head hair as well, making this vegan balm do double duty
Scented with our Men's Scent Essential Oil Blend

5.Shaving Cream (Men's Scent)
A highly effective shaving cream to banish razor burn and leave skin soft and smooth.
A highly effective shaving cream to banish razor burn and leave skin soft and smooth.
Say goodbye to razor burn and dry skin with this decadent shaving cream. Enjoy a rich, refreshing scent, moisturizing ingredients, and an effective shave with no hairs left behind. 
Product Highlights:
Designed to combat even the most stubborn hair on all skin types
Clings to your skin and doesn't clog your razor
Fruit extracts and powerful essential oils provide a unique, rich scent profile made of Frankincense, Ginger, and Coriander Essential Oils
Aloe, Papaya, and Pineapple soothe skin and soften hairs while Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter nourish the skin and keep razor burn at bay
Perfectly formulated with organic botanical extracts with smooth and effective shaving in mind
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